Puja Bhattacharjee


Puja is a multimedia journalist based in Kolkata, India. She writes about social justice, health, policy, LGBTQIA+ issues and culture.

Stories by Puja Bhattacharjee

Bilingualism Can Boost Cognitive Health In Later Life

Bilingualism enhances cognitive reserve by improving social cue interpretations. Such benefits persist till later in life.

Gum Disease Might Be A Precursor To Diabetes

Study shows how gum disease and diabetes interact. It suggests that "RESISTIN" molecule can be targeted to treat gum disease patients and reduce diabetes risk

“Worm Gut” Bacteria Might Help Speed Up Plastic Degradation

Scientists in Singapore isolated gut bacteria of super worms and demonstrated how they can help cut plastic pollution.

Lack of LGBTQIA+ Topics in Indian Psychiatry Training

The study highlights urgent need for LGBTQIA+-inclusive training in Indian psychiatry residencies.

Generative AI’s Shadow On Jobs

Generative AI might eliminate thousands of current jobs, but also create new ones. How worried should we be and who is most at risk?

Child Marriages Linked To Extreme Weather In Low-Income Asian Countries

Education, financial support for families and social workers can play a crucial role in preventing child marriages.

How Childhood Trauma Causes Mental Health Disorders In Adult Life

Twin experiments by researchers in South Korea reveal the mechanism underlying adverse effects of stress hormones on a child’s brain.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Devapriya Chattopadhyay

Dr Chattopadhyay studies fossil records of marine creatures to understand how they respond to environmental changes.

Adenovirus Outbreak Has Infected Thousands Of Children In India

Researchers recommend monitoring adenovirus mutations and developing vaccines.