Prime Sarmiento


Prime Sarmiento is a Manila-based travel and science journalist. She specializes in reporting on health, environment and agriculture in Southeast Asia.

Stories by Prime Sarmiento

Asians Are Feeling Climate Change And Want To Adapt

Extreme weather and hotter temperatures are reducing crop production, and Asia is struggling to adapt to climate change.

Blind A*STAR Researcher Sees Beauty In Mathematics

She lost her sight at four, but A*STAR researcher Dr. Yeo Sze Ling never gave in to her circumstances and eventually graduated with a PhD in mathematics.

SMART Professor Eugene Fitzgerald On Innovation In Singapore

We chat with Eugene Fitzgerald, PI of the Low Energy Electronic Systems at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, on innovation in Singapore.

U.S. Doctors Fight Air Pollution In Mongolia’s Capital

A team of doctors from the U.S. is fighting air pollution and lung disease in Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, whose air quality is among the worst in the world.

The Viet Nam Resistance Project Tackles Looming Antibiotic Crisis

Researchers are collaborating with 16 hospitals in Vietnam to strengthen national evidence-based control of antibiotic use in the country.

Three-Quarters Of Asia-Pacific Nations ‘Lack Water Security’

About 75 percent of emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region suffer from low levels of water security, according to a new Asian Development Bank study.

Filipino Leaders Advocate For Better Science Curriculum, Teacher Salaries

A shortage of good science teachers and low salaries may affect the progress of the new K-12 curriculum, say Filipino educators and leaders.

Experts Caution Against Removing Science Classes From Primary Schools

Experts have criticized the recent decisions by the Indonesian and Philippine governments to limit primary students' exposure to science.

A School Where Agent Orange Isn’t Friendly

In a special Vietnamese school near Hanoi, over 100 children and 40 war veterans - all Agent Orange survivors - are undergoing vocational training.