Nishat Anan


Nishat is a science journalist. She graduated with an MSc in Biomedical Science from Monash University where she worked with a cellular model of Parkinson’s Disease. Nishat loves lending her voice to bring science closer to society.

Stories by Nishat Anan

Self-Medicating Orangutan Seen In Indonesia

Scientists have documented a Sumatran orangutan applying the sap of a pain-relieving plant to an open wound, suggesting a shared ancestral origin of human wound care practices.

Human Brains May Have Evolved To Innately Love Music

In a study, scientists in South Korea found that human brains develop a natural sensitivity to music, even before ever being exposed to it.

Women Get More Out Of Exercise Than Men Do

Researchers say that the study findings might encourage more women to start exercising.

Women Transforming Science

On this International Women’s Day, Asian Scientist Magazine speaks to six inspiring women in STEM who are leading their fields and have messages for younger women scientists in the region.

Study Shows Genetic Links To Academic Achievements in East Asians

Until now such studies have been limited to Western populations.

What Prevents Bystanders From Stopping Gender-Based Violence

Previous unsuccessful attempts in curbing violence is one of the main reasons dissuading bystanders, found the study.

How Scientists Are ‘Hyping’ Their Research Proposals

Study shows that researchers targeting National Institutes of Health grants are increasingly using promotional language in their applications. But what’s really driving this?

Flood Prone Areas Are Likely To Have More Infant Mortality

Data spanning three decades highlights the potential long-term public health burden of recurrent flooding in Bangladesh.

How Estrogen Shields Tumors From The Immune System

The female sex hormone contributes to tumor progression in the estrogen-negative cancers lacking hormone receptors.