BD Biosciences Reimagines Flow Cytometry Marketplace

BD Biosciences’ upgraded website streamlines discovery, and equote requests of flow cytometry solutions for accelerated research and innovation.

AsianScientist (Aug. 25, 2021) – To provide users with an enhanced online quote request experience, the global medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) has announced the commercial launch of the reimagined, redesigned digital marketplace web and eQuote Request solution site.

Given the immense diversity and abundance of cells that make up the human body, capturing a specific cell type in a sample is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. Just a drop of blood, for instance, already contains various cells like red and white blood cells—and all their different subtypes in between.

Thankfully, tools like flow cytometers can help scientists search for specific cells and accelerate biomedical research. Considered the gold standard in cell analysis, flow cytometry examines samples on a cell-by-cell basis at speeds of up to 10,000 cells per second, enabling identification, sorting and measurement of multiple parameters all at once.

As a leading provider of flow cytometry solutions, BD Biosciences knows all too well the many different components that are needed to carry out these lab techniques. To aid researchers and clinicians in procuring the technologies that match their needs, the company has a new website offering BD Biosciences’ full array of flow cytometry products, including items for research, clinical and single-cell multiomics.

Better content, better choices
In BD Biosciences’ reimagined digital marketplace, each product in its portfolio has a dedicated page, with comprehensive resources on its technical specifications and applications. Whether quick reference guides, FAQs or in-depth manuals, users can access the information they need to select the right instrument or reagent for their labs.

For example, the company offers a suite of highly efficient cell sorters for separating and collecting target cells from a mixed sample. Industry professionals might decide between the 20-parameter BD FACSAriaTM Fusion, equipped with UV lasers for higher detection sensitivity and biosafety features, or the more compact BD FACSMelodyTM that automates routine tasks for rapid procedures.

Depending on the planned project, scientists may also compare fluorescent dyes to tag multiple cell types with different colors while considering the light range or spectrum needed to emit the fluorescent signal.

As detailed protocols and research data are also available on the site, users can make the most of BD Biosciences’ technologies for various applications like identifying disease biomarkers, detecting rare immune cells and monitoring the mechanisms of cell death.

Smoothening site navigation
While over 170 new pages were added to the online portal, BD Biosciences has streamlined the user experience by introducing intuitive search capabilities. The site’s predictive, data-driven search function provides optimized filtering and precise sorting features, remedying the once tedious process of browsing pages one by one.

Moreover, the site now has a fully integrated eQuote Request solution. After creating an account, users will be able to instantly check product availability and request for eQuotes with minimal clicks. Each account also has a customized dashboard with relevant product suggestions, which are tailored based on users’ quote request history and preferences.

Through these personalized and seamless site features, researchers can find their flow cytometry needs—from smaller components like test reagents to full-fledged multiomics systems for high-dimensional analysis. By optimizing the purchasing experience, BD Biosciences’ online marketplace supports scientists in securing the relevant technologies needed to power flow cytometry research and innovation.

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