Honoring Research Talent: The Asian Scientist 100

Asia has no shortage of research talent, and the Asian Scientist 100 (2019 edition) aims to raise the profiles of outstanding scientists from the region.

AsianScientist (Mar. 4, 2019)Asian Scientist Magazine has released the Asian Scientist 100 (2019 edition), an annual listing of the Asia-Pacific region’s award-winning researchers, academicians, innovators and business leaders.

Returning for its fourth consecutive year, the AS100 list highlights research excellence and seeks to raise the profile of early career and veteran scientists in Asia who have made significant impact on their respective scientific disciplines. From material scientists to molecular biologists and particle physicists, the AS100 (2019 edition) celebrates the achievements and diversity of the research scene in the region.

To qualify for the list, honorees must have won a national or international prize in 2018 for their scientific research or leadership. The prize must involve a competitive selection procedure. By raising the profile of these thinkers and inventors, Asian Scientist Magazine hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists towards excellence in science.

“We hope that with our yearly publication of the Asian Scientist 100, outstanding researchers from Asia will be recognized for their fervent passion to further scientific knowledge and impact people’s lives,” said Dr. Juliana Chan, editor-in-chief of Asian Scientist Magazine.


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