Celebrating Excellence in Asia With The Asian Scientist 100

These rising stars and veterans hail from diverse sectors in industry and academia, but they all share in one common mission—to make tomorrow a better place for you and me.


AsianScientist (Mar. 30, 2016) – Asian Scientist Magazine is proud to announce The Asian Scientist 100 (AS100), a handpicked selection of 100 prize-winning Asian researchers, academicians, innovators and business leaders from across the Asia Pacific region.

Spanning a diverse range of industries in science and technology, the list comprises honorees from China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. By no means an exhaustive compilation, AS100 nevertheless provides a valuable snapshot into the exciting science taking place in Asia and raises the profile of researchers that are making invaluable contributions to their fields.

To be acknowledged on this list, the honoree must have received a national or international prize in 2014 or 2015 for his or her scientific research; this prize must involve a competitive selection procedure. Alternatively, in the same period, the honoree could have made a significant contribution in scientific discovery or leadership that has benefited either academia or industry.

“Science coming out of Asia has not yet enjoyed the same attention and exposure as science in the West. With the AS100 list, we hope to give Asian scientists due recognition for quality research that seeks to further scientific knowledge, break technological boundaries and improve human lives,” said Dr. Juliana Chan, Nanyang Assistant Professor at the Nanyang Technological University and the founder and editor-in-chief of Asian Scientist Magazine.

“The list also opens up possibilities for collaboration; we seek to heighten the interest of scientists from elsewhere who may want to work with the best scientists from the region.”

The list, in no order of merit, is available online here. For media enquiries, please contact Rebecca at [email protected].

Annex A – Scientists featured on The Asian Scientist 100

1. P. C. Agrawal
2. K. Radhakrishnan
3. Ramon Cabanos Barba
4. C. L. Laxmipathi Gowda
5. Li Jiayang
6. Zhang Fusuo
7. Angel C. Alcala
8. Chung Sun-Lin
9. Edgardo D. Gomez
10. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay
11. Yutaka Takahasi
12. Gavino Cajulao Trono Jr.
13. Kharag Singh Valdiya
14. Takuo Aoyagi
15. Chan Yoke-Fun
16. Chang Tse Wen
17. Akira Endo
18. Hiroshi Hamada
19. Tasuku Honjo
20. Nancy Ip
21. Hiroshi Kimura
22. Lee Jeong Ho
23. Satyajit Mayor
24. Kazutoshi Mori
25. Shigekazu Nagata
26. Irene Ng Oi Lin
27. Yoshinori Ohsumi
28. Satoshi Omura
29. Tran Ha-Lien Phuong
30. Shimon Sakaguchi
31. Masayo Takahashi
32. Shubha Tole
33. Tu Youyou
34. Zhang Feng
35. Olivia Lum
36. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
37. Yang Yuanqing
38. Srivari Chandrasekhar
39. Itaru Hamachi
40. Sumio Iijima
41. Akira Koshio
42. Masako Yudasaka
43. Max Lu
44. Seo Myungeun
45. Peng Shie-Ming
46. You Shuli
47. Jiro Tsuji
48. Wong Chi-Huey
49. Xie Yi
50. Vivian Yam
51. Isamu Akasaki
52. Hiroshi Amano
53. Shuji Nakamura
54. Chen Xianhui
55. Han Yilong
56. Takaaki Kajita
57. Ken’ichi Nomoto
58. Hideo Ohno
59. Tsumoru Shintake
60. Yang Chen Ning
61. Yao Wang
62. Yu Min
63. Zhao Zhongxian
64. Shinichi Mochizuki
65. Dang Thi Oanh
66. Shin Jinwoo
67. Yuan Yaxiang
68. Zong Chuanming
69. Ahn Byung Min
70. Masayoshi Esashi
71. Gao Huijun
72. Neeti Kailas
73. Viswanathan Kumaran
74. Lee Sung-Hee
75. Lim Chwee Teck
76. Lu Chih-Yuan
77. Masayoshi Nakashima
78. Andrew Nee
79. Yosiro Oono
80. Benjamin Tee
81. Yu Chengzhong
82. Yu Kyoungsik
83. Manindra Agrawal
84. Vijay P. Bhatkar
85. Jayant Haritsa
86. Song Kiseok
87. Agachai Sumalee
88. Tan Tieniu
89. Bai Chunli
90. Yang Ke
91. Lee Hoesung
92. Lee Jae Kyu
93. Li Jinghai
94. C. N. R. Rao
95. M. R. Srinivasan
96. Eisuke Tada
97. Tan Chorh Chuan
98. Tan Gee Paw
99. Wang Yifang
100. Yongyuth Yuthavong


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