Recognizing Scientific Excellence With The Asian Scientist 100

These early career scientists and veteran researchers of the Asian Scientist 100 are making waves in diverse sectors of academia and industry, shedding light on natural phenomena and developing new technologies for a better world.


AsianScientist (Mar. 8, 2018) – Now into its third consecutive year, the Asian Scientist 100 (2018 edition) is a handpicked selection of 100 prize-winning Asian researchers, academicians, innovators and business leaders from across the Asia Pacific region.

To be acknowledged on this list, honorees must have received a national or international prize in 2017 for their scientific research. This prize must involve a competitive selection procedure. Alternatively, in the same period, the honoree could have made a significant contribution in scientific discovery or leadership that has benefited either academia or industry.

Spanning a diverse range of industries in science and technology, this year’s selection comprises honorees from China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. While the AS100 is by no means exhaustive, it showcases the exciting science taking place in Asia and raises the profile of researchers that are making invaluable contributions to their fields.

“The quantity and quality of research coming out of Asia has increased significantly in recent years. In showcasing the best and brightest that Asia has to offer the world, we hope that the AS100 list will inspire young scientists across Asia,” said Dr. Juliana Chan, the founder and editor-in-chief of Asian Scientist Magazine. “Because science is an increasingly global and networked endeavor, this list also opens up opportunities for international collaboration.”

The list, in no order of merit, is available online here. For media enquiries, please contact our managing editor at [email protected].

Annex A – Scientists featured on the Asian Scientist 100 (2018 edition)

1. S. Suresh Babu
2. Jitendra Nath Goswami
3. Rogel Mari Sese
4. Min Aung
5. Rajan Man Bajracharya
6. Hari Krishna Dhonju
7. Chandra Siddaiah Nayaka
8. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao
9. Sheetal Sharma
10. Hiroshi Uchino
11. Chen Wen
12. Amit Dutt
13. Tamao Endo
14. Tatsushi Toda
15. Deepak Gaur
16. Edward Holmes
17. Sir David Lane
18. Li Jingmei
19. Mario Antonio Jiz II
20. V. Narry Kim
21. Tadamitsu Kishimoto
22. Michael Ming-Chiao Lai
23. Seiji Ogawa
24. Paik Soonmyung
25. Shimon Sakaguchi
26. Paul Kwong Hang Tam
27. Tu Youyou
28. Tehemton Erach Udwadia
29. Yu Nam-Kyung
30. Lucille V. Abad
31. Pimchai Chaiyen
32. Pussana Hirunsit
33. Kim Myung-hwan
34. Ganpathi Naresh Patwari
35. Long Ran
36. Phan Thanh Sơn Nam
37. Mitsuo Sawamoto
38. Xiaoliang Sunney Xie
39. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
40. Cha Hyung Joon
41. James C. C. Chan
42. He Jinliang
43. Jang Jin
44. Anchalee Manonukul
45. Neelesh B. Mehta
46. Takashi Mimura
47. Lanndon A. Ocampo
48. Pack Sangheon
49. Chandrakant Pithawa
50. Tang Ching Wan
51. Jackie Y. Ying
52. Kenneth Mei-yee Leung
53. Jeffrey S. Perez
54. Yan Ning
55. Aletta Concepcion T. Yñiguez
56. Shigeiki Goto
57. Tanzima Hashem
58. Narayana Murthy
59. Wu Jianping
60. Chang Meemann
61. Lam Khin Yong
62. Ajoy Kumar Ray
63. Jenny Huey-Jen Su
64. Subra Suresh
65. Phillip A. Alviola
66. Upinder Singh Bhalla
67. Varodom Charoensawan
68. Sanjeev Das
69. Tetsuya Higashiyama
70. Deepak Thankappan Nair
71. Shigetou Namba
72. Marisa Ponpuak
73. Shi Yigong
74. Son Young-Sook
75. Yasuhiko Arakawa
76. Napida Hinchiranan
77. Lee Jong-heun
78. Aloke Paul
79. Justin C.W. Song
80. Toshimitsu Yokobori
81. Zhao Zhongxian
82. Zhu Yanwu
83. Gan Wee Teck
84. Ritabrata Munshi
85. Sum Nguyễn
86. Xu Chenyang
87. Chen Shiyi
88. Choi Sookyung
89. Gao Weibo
90. Vinay Gupta
91. Nathaniel Hermosa II
92. Nissim Kanekar
93. Pan Jianwei
94. David Ruffolo
95. Fumihiko Takasaki
96. Adeeb Hayyan
97. Li Junfeng
98. Ng Wun Jern
99. Felycia Edi Soetaredjo
100. Xie Zhenhua


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Asian Scientist Magazine is an award-winning science and technology magazine that highlights R&D news stories from Asia to a global audience. The magazine is published by Singapore-headquartered Wildtype Media Group.

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