Singapore Scientist Receives CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholarship

As a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, Dr. Wan Yue will receive ~US$77,000 in research funding and have access to specialized leadership and communication training.

AsianScientist (Sep. 21, 2018) – Dr. Wan Yue, senior research scientist and principal investigator at the Genome Institute of Singapore, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), has been named a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar in the Molecular Architecture of Life program.

Established in 1982, CIFAR is a Canada-based, global research organization consisting of nearly 400 fellows, scholars and advisors from 18 countries. They are supported by the governments of Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, as well as individuals, foundations and corporations.

“Young people are the future of research,” said CIFAR President and CEO Dr. Alan Bernstein. “CIFAR is exceptionally pleased to provide financial and other support to this phenomenal group of young researchers to advance their leadership and financial skills. Their enthusiasm and energy leads to new ways of thinking that will advance science and create solutions for the challenges facing our world today.”

Wan has won multiple accolades for her research in recent years. She was elected as an EMBO young investigator in 2017 and received the L’Oréal Singapore For Women In Science National Fellowship in 2016.

As a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, Wan will receive ~US$77,000 in unrestricted research support, as well as a two-year membership to a CIFAR research program. She will also receive the opportunity to undergo specialized leadership and communication skills training, as well as invitations to exclusive networking sessions with other scholars.

“I am honored to join CIFAR under its Molecular Architecture of Life program. I look forward to working with other fellows in the program and contributing to it,” said Wan.


Source: A*STAR.
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