7 Must-Read Stories In May 2017

Sleep was a big concern in May, but new drugs and artificial intelligence look set to make it better.

AsianScientist (Jun. 2, 2017) – Just in case you missed any of them, here are seven must-read stories published on Asian Scientist Magazine in June 2017.

  1. A Substance That Stops Narcoleptic Mice From Falling Asleep

    Scientists are working on a drug based on a compound named YNT-185 that would keep narcolepsy and other sleep disorders at bay.

  2. Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Rogel Mari Sese

    Under the leadership of Fillipino astrophysicist Dr. Rogel Mari Sese, the Philippines might soon have an agency that will coordinate all space-related activities at a national level.

  3. The Scientist Will See You Now

    A geneticist by training, Dr. Audrey Poon now runs a scientific consulting business, which helps researchers tackle grant applications and peer review.

  4. Toward A Therapeutic Vaccine For Hepatitis B

    Scientists are developing a much needed therapeutic vaccine against hepatitis B that could also treat chronic hepatitis.

  5. Craig Venter’s Human Longevity Inc Shutters Singapore Office

    The Singapore office, the only branch of the company outside of the US, was set up in 2015.

  6. Singapore Invests US$107 Million In Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

    Singapore has launched a concerted and well-funded push towards developing robust AI and Big Data capabilities on a national-scale.

  7. Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’ve Had A Good Night’s Sleep

    In the near future, mobile apps can be used to record sleep sounds and convert the information into advice for better sleep.

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