Panasonic Opens Electronic Materials R&D Center In Singapore

Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Singapore has established an R&D center for semiconductor research in Singapore.

AsianScientist (Oct. 11, 2013) – Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Singapore (PIDMSG) has established an R&D center for electronic encapsulation materials for semiconductors in Singapore, provisionally named the Electronic Materials South Asia R&D Center.

The R&D center will support the growing demand for semiconductors in the electronic materials business from Singapore, aiming to significantly expand sales of electronic encapsulation materials for semiconductors in South East Asia by 2015.

The center will leverage on Panasonic’s core technologies and expertise in materials development, processing and quality evaluation analysis in order to offer an extensive range of products, including circuit board materials, encapsulation materials and plastic molding compound. For a start, 20 employees will join the new center.

Mr. Tatsuyoshi Wada, Managing Director, PIDMSG, commented:

“The South Asia R&D Center is part of Panasonic’s global effort to plan and implement strategies at the front line. Given Singapore’s robust infrastructure, quality talent pool and strategic location which is well connected to other markets in the region, it is ideal for Panasonic to enhance our research and development efforts from here and provide business support more efficiently. Going forward, we will expand the portfolio of products to be developed here in Singapore for the South East Asian region.”

Focusing on encapsulation materials for power modules, power discrete semiconductors and Power ICs, the R&D center will expand product development and technical services in Singapore in order to provide tailored services and support the demand in South East Asia.

Established in October 2010, Panasonic Industrial Devices Materials Singapore (PIDMSG) manufactures and sells encapsulation materials. The company also sells circuit board materials, and plastic molding compounds.


Source: Panasonic.
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