Tau Ceti: Sun-Like Star May Host Habitable Planet

Astronomers have discovered evidence that one of the closest stars to Earth, Tau Ceti, may host five planets – with one in the star’s habitable zone.

Scientists Find Atomic Structure Of Chinese Herb, Chang Shan

Scripps Research Institute scientists have determined a molecular structure that helps explain how the Chinese herbal medicine Chang Shan works.

Massive Earthquakes In The Himalayas Left Scars, Study

Scientists have discovered clear ground scars in the central Himalayas that were left by massive earthquakes.

Stem Cell Therapy In Southeast Asia: Where Are We Today?

Research into stem cells is taking place across Southeast Asia, but proven disease treatments are currently out of reach, says Crispin Maslog.

China-Southeast Asia Science Ties ‘Could Benefit Both’

Science and technology diplomacy between China and Southeast Asia is expected to benefit both sides, says a new OECD report.

China’s New Approach To Renewable Energy

Chinese companies are using innovative business models to deliver renewable energy technology, writes Eric Knight.

AstraZeneca, Fudan University To Collaborate In China

AstraZeneca and Fudan University are set to collaborate on cardiovascular research in China.

Key Protein Makes Breast Cancer ‘Aggressive’

Australian scientists have discovered how a protein causes breast cancer to become more aggressive and resistant to common drugs.

Giving Stem Cells A Bad Name

Rogue stem cell treatments in recent news are casting a bad light on the whole field, writes David Tan.

Pulitzer-Winning Author Jared Diamond Writes Book On New Guinea Adventures

Celebrated author and anthropologist Jared Diamond has written a new book on his decades of field work in the Pacific Islands of New Guinea.