University Of Sydney Accepts China’s Gaokao Exam For Applicants

The University of Sydney, one of Australia’s top universities, will start accepting scores based on China’s Gaokao (高考) examination for admission into the university.

AsianScientist (Feb. 22, 2012) – The University of Sydney, one of Australia’s top universities, has eased up on admission requirements that will make it easier for China’s top students to study there.

Effective immediately, students who have completed the China National Education Entrance Examination (the Gaokao, or 高考), and who have attained a Tier One result, may apply directly for admission into an undergraduate program at the university, as long they meet the University’s English language and special entry requirements.

In the past, these students would have had to undertake Foundation Studies first before being able to apply for direct admission.

The arrangement was initiated by the University of Sydney Business School, which put the proposal to the University’s Academic Board. Subsequently, the board gave the final approval for all undergraduate courses university wide.

This move will mean that some of China’s top students who may have opted for other tertiary institutions overseas where foundation studies were not required, may now choose to study at the University of Sydney.

Strong ties between the university and China

The University of Sydney has more than 150 academics working on or in China, more than 4,000 Chinese students studying at the university, and more than 20,000 Chinese alumni.

The relationship is bolstered by the University’s China Studies Center, which directs Chinese studies at the University and interacts with business, government, and community activities in both China and Australia.

“The University is proud to be one of the most engaged universities with China in the world,” said University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Dr. Michael Spence.

“This new arrangement will see even more of China’s top students opt to study here and will further increase our high-level engagement in years to come.”

Dr. Spence revealed that Australian government research into the Gaokao confirmed its academic integrity and the likely success of students under this arrangement.

To get admitted into the university, Gaokao entry scores will vary from year to year, and will also depend on the province at which the Gaokao examination is taken.

Students who do not meet these minimum entry requirements may still apply to the University of Sydney via the University of Sydney Foundation Program, Dr. Spence said.


Source: University of Sydney.
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