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India’s Supreme Court Bans Tiger Tourism Across Country

In a major boost to tiger conservation in the country, India’s Supreme Court, in a landmark judgement delivered on July 24, banned tourism in the country’s 41 tiger reserves.

Markhor Goat Species Makes Comeback In Pakistan

According to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Markhor, a majestic wild goat species, is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan as a result of conservation efforts.

Corals Survived And Adapted To Massive Bleaching Event In Southeast Asia, Study

New evidence has emerged that some coral species may be able to adapt to warmer oceans in Southeast Asian waters despite threats of global warming.

Volunteers Clear Illegal Wire Snares in China In Bid To Save The Siberian Tiger

A group of 59 volunteers working in northeast China have cleared 162 illegal wire snares in an ongoing effort to protect the nation’s remaining population of critically endangered Siberian tigers.

WWF, TCM Practitioners Rebut Rhino Horn And Cancer Cure Link

The WWF and TCM experts hope to debunk a myth that rhino horns can be used to treat many disorders such as typhoid fever, convulsions, and cancer.

Like Marco Polo, World’s Largest Sheep Travels Across Central Asia

Thanks to a non-invasive technique that extracts DNA extracts from fecal samples, researchers have finally managed to pinpoint movements of the once-elusive Marco Polo sheep.