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A Conservation Lesson: Big Cat Worship Eases Living With Leopards

A study documents how worshipping a big cat deity shapes the way people share spaces with leopards in India, providing new insights in conservation.

Indonesia’s Reef Fishes In Good Shape, Study Finds

Economically important reef fishes in Indonesia's waters are in relatively good condition, according to research by Indonesian scientists.

How Dams Damned Thailand’s Birds

The Chiew Larn Dam Reservoir, constructed three decades ago, has had a negative impact on bird diversity, according to researchers in Thailand.

Sumatran Tiger Population On The Road To Recovery

Conservation efforts have helped increase the population of critically endangered Sumatran tigers, according to scientists in Indonesia.

Leopards Love Indian Tea Gardens

In north-eastern Indian tea gardens, the presence of leopards does not necessarily lead to conflicts with people.

Count Me In! Bayesian Model Used To Estimate Tiger Population

Researchers have developed a more reliable method for estimating tiger numbers in India.

Thai Tiger Numbers Are Slowly Bouncing Back

The tiger population in a Thai wildlife reserve is increasing, thanks to enhanced protection measures by the Thai government and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The Billion Dollar Cashmere Industry And Its Impact In Central Asia

The multi-billion dollar global cashmere industry is placing native wild animals in Central Asia at risk, finds a new study.

New Bird Species Discovered Hiding In Cambodia’s Capital

A team of scientists has discovered a previously undocumented species of bird living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital.

Orangutan, Asian Rhino On Asian Endangered Species List

The Wildlife Conservation Society has released a list of endangered Asian species that call for immediate government action.