Dams & Mining Destabilizing The Mekong

Infrastructure development and riverbed mining along the Mekong River affect sediment flow, which is vital for soil fertility and fishes.

Traditional Medicine Yields Anti-HIV Compound More Powerful Than AZT

A type of willow-leafed plant common in Southeast Asia has been found to contain a potent compound that could help treat HIV.

Daily Platelet Counts Predict Kids’ Risk Of Dengue Shock Syndrome

In a new study from Vietnam, daily platelet counts helped to identify patients who went on to develop dengue shock syndrome, a potentially lethal complication of dengue infection.

A Social Key To Financial Inclusion

A new study from the Mastercard-SMU Financial and Social Inclusion program suggests that societal and cultural factors, in addition to technology, are vital components of financial inclusion.

Drinking Iced Tea May Up Cholera Risk In Endemic Areas

Drinking iced tea has been linked to outbreaks of cholera in Vietnam.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Loi Luu

Loi Luu dreams of deploying cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide to renovate existing financial systems.

E-Waste In Asia Jumps 63 Percent In Five Years

In just five years, Asian countries produced 12.3 million tonnes of e-waste, a weight 2.4 times that of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

16 Asian Institutions Team Up On Microsatellites

The Asian Micro-satellite Consortium seeks to promote standardization and data sharing among the nine member nations.

43 New Species Of Scaffold Web Spider Discovered In Asia

Try not to run screaming in the other direction. This discovery increases the number of known scaffold web spider species by 20 percent.