Why Aussies Are Seeing Fewer Backyard Birds

As urbanization continues to change our landscapes, an Australian research team finds that “common” backyard birds are no longer as common—an issue not just for birds, but for humans, too.

Urbanization Might Be Good For Tiger Population, Study Finds

Scientists at the Wildlife Conservation Society found that areas of high urbanization and education are linked to smaller overlaps between human and tiger territories.

Hong Kong’s Urban Areas Set To Heat Up

The mean urban air temperature in Hong Kong has gone up by 0.169°C every ten years and only looks set to continue increasing.

Shhh! Traffic Noise Messes Up Owl Hunts

Traffic noise reduces the hunting efficiency of 'acoustic predators' like owls by up to 89 percent.

Rare Butterflies Are Poor Urbanites

Ecologists have unlocked the secret lives of butterflies fluttering around Hong Kong's parks, providing insight into how rare species are affected by urbanization.

Balancing The Sacred And The Secular

SMU Provost Lily Kong, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading social and cultural geographers, studies the complexities that surround a society’s religious spaces and practices.