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Transforming Food Waste Into Wonder

Creative techniques that repurpose food waste into a range of valuable products are giving even fruit peels and fish scales a new lease on life.

supercomputing asia, exascale computing, water stress

Averting Asia’s Water Crisis

Through high-speed, high-resolution exascale computing, researchers and citizen scientists are tackling water stress across Asia by discovering better ways to treat water and monitor its flow.

Turning The Tide With AI And HPC

By harnessing both artificial intelligence and high performance computing in one powerful model, scientists from Japan are making real-time tsunami prediction more accessible.
crop production loss, ozone pollution

Ozone Pollution Threatens Asia’s Food Security

Ozone pollution has been linked with about US$63 billion in annual crop production losses, slashing wheat, rice and maize yield in East Asia.

The Mutation Behind The Delta Variant’s Severity

A mutation in the spike protein enhances the Delta variant's ability to fuse with host cells, resulting in more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Scientists From Asia Among 2022 Breakthrough Prize Winners

Three scientists from Japanese institutions won the 2022 Breakthrough Prizes for their foundational work in fundamental physics and mathematics.

Galactic Collisions Starve Black Holes, Simulations Show

Supercomputer models suggest that head-on galactic collisions can suppress even a black hole’s ravenous appetite.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s February 2021 Roundup

From celebrating women in science to surprising discoveries in the natural world, catch Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from February 2021.

Kyoko Nozaki Wins 2021 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award

Pioneering synthetic chemist Kyoko Nozaki from the University of Tokyo is one of the winners of the 2021 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award.

Sniffing Out The Evolution Of Rodent Pheromones

According to researchers in Japan, rodent pheromones may have originated from a combination of two ancient vertebrate genes.