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Distinguishing Philippine Frogs By Ear

By listening to their mating calls, researchers have confirmed that two near-identical fanged frogs from the Philippines belong to distinct species.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Phillip Alviola

The Philippines’ own Batman, wildlife biologist and bat virologist Dr. Phillip Alviola is on a crusade to conserve the country’s rich forest and cave ecosystems.

Scientists Find Two New Species Of Tweezer-Beaked Hopping Rats

After failing to bait the rodents with peanut butter, scientists in the Philippines and the US switched to using earthworms to finally discover two new species of rats living in the mountains of the Philippines.

Dwarf Rafflesia Flower Found In The Philippines

Scientists have literally stumbled upon a new dwarf species of the giant Rafflesia that is only 9.73 cm in diameter.

Newly Discovered Plant Stores Nickel In Leaves

Able to store up to 18,000 ppm of nickel in its leaves, Rinorea niccolifera might be useful for removing heavy metals in contaminated soil.

New ‘Ventriloquist’ Bird Species Discovered In Philippines

Researchers have discovered a new ground-dwelling forest bird species that lives on Luzon Island of the Philippine archipelago.

The Asian Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Leopold Ilag Of Stockholm University

Dr. Leopold Ilag, Director of the Stockholm University Proteomics Facility, discusses his research and his views on R&D in the Philippines.