Malaria Parasites May Skew Sex Ratio To Survive

Plasmodium vivax parasites alter their sex ratios in response to treatment with chloroquine, study shows.

Nutrition-Related Genes Determine Ant Castes

Ants destined to be workers have different levels of genes related to nutrition compared to their reproductive counterparts.

10 ’Omics You Need To Know

Confused by the proliferation of ‘omics but don’t want to be left behind? Fret not, Asian Scientist Magazine has got you covered with our handy explainer on the hottest ‘omics around.

Calorie Counting In Roundworms Increases Lifespan

This study adds to the growing body of research into dietary restriction as a powerful natural means for longevity.

How Being In Space Changes Gene Expression

Medaka fish grown in outer space showed changes in gene expression similar to stress responses in humans on long-term space expeditions.

Insect Evolution Revealed

Scientists have traced the evolution of insects via an ambitious project involving the sequencing of 1,000 transcriptomes.