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Lightning-Fast Flu Virus Detector Is 100 Times More Sensitive

Researchers have used conducting polymers to develop a flu virus detector that is faster and a hundred times more sensitive than commercially available tests.

CD72: A Potential Target For Treating Autoimmune Disease

Scientists have identified a molecule that blocks the immune system from mistakenly reacting with itself.

Doubling Down On Bone Repair

Japanese researchers have developed a technique that increases the speed of bone repair through a double-layered cell transfer technology.

Aging Stem Cells Could Be Cause Of Hair Loss

The breakdown of collagen caused by accumulated DNA damage in hair follicle stem cells is one reason both mice and humans lose hair, scientists say.

Highly Efficient CRISPR Knock-In Developed

Using a modified CRISPR-Cas9 system, researchers have developed an efficient way to knock-in genes in mice.

Mouse Cloned Using Single Drop Of Peripheral Blood

Researchers have cloned a donor mouse using a drop of peripheral blood from its tail.

Women’s Immune Systems Remain Youthful For Longer, Study

Women's immune systems age more slowly than men's, says a new study from Japan.