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Measuring Blood Alcohol Levels Through The Ears

A new device that fits over a person’s ears can measure real-time changes in blood alcohol levels through the skin.

Chewing Changes Jawbone Structure, Study Finds

Japan-based researchers reveal how jawbone structure is affected by the force applied when chewing food.

Scientists Uncover Mechanism Of Post-Menopausal Bone Loss

Scientists in Japan have found that a protein known as Sema3A interacts with estrogen signaling to maintain bone health.

Teasing Out The Three Subtypes Of Liver Cancer

By combining genomic data with information about patients’ immunological status, scientists in Japan can now better characterize hepatocellular carcinoma.

Basophils Are Bad Actors In COPD

Immune cells called basophils help drive the progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to research by Japanese scientists.

A Path To Taming Inflammatory Macrophages

Scientists have identified a protein signaling pathway that is key to the generation of macrophages responsible for causing inflammatory bowel disease.

A Bone To Pick With Prostate Cancer Cells

Researchers in Japan have identified a microRNA molecule secreted by prostate cancer cells that alters bone remodelling.

These Four MicroRNAs Could Warn Of Impeding Heart Condition

Researchers have identified four microRNAs that can serve as a blood-based marker of a heart condition known as atrial fibrillation.

Targeting DNA Damage Repair In Childhood Brain Tumors

Scientists in Japan have analyzed the chromosomes of brain tumors and discovered an inhibitor molecule that could be used in the treatment of childhood brain cancer.

Gene Controls Whether Liver Cells Double Or Die

A molecule called YAP regulates the size of the liver by determining whether liver cells proliferate or die in response to damage.