the asian scientist spotlight

How To Become A Billionaire Innovator

Don’t be afraid to fail; rather, be willing to take risks, say three giants of the tech world, in a candid discussion about the ins and outs of innovation.

Mendeley Co-Founder: We Made A Social Tool For Academics

Jan Reichelt, the co-founder and president of Mendeley, the popular research-management platform, talks to Asian Scientist about the story and success of the company, and shares his vision for the future.

The Asian Scientist Spotlight: 2012 Nobel Laureate Dr. Shinya Yamanaka

During a recent visit to Singapore, Dr. Shinya Yamanaka candidly discussed his early career, what inspires him, and the challenges he faced leading up to the 2012 Nobel Prize.

BGI: The Kung Fu Panda Of The Genomic World

BGI Executive Director Dr. Wang Jun explains to Asian Scientist Magazine why the kung fu panda best describes the Chinese world leader in human, plant, and animal genetics research.

A Chat With A*STAR Chief Scientist, Professor Sir David Lane – Part I

Asian Scientist Magazine catches up with A*STAR's chief scientist, Prof. Sir David Lane, to discuss his recent win of the 2012 Cancer Research UK Lifetime Achievement Award.

CSIRO Climate Scientist, Dr. Wenju Cai, Talks To Asian Scientist Magazine

We interview Dr. Wenju Cai, an ocean climate researcher at the CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research in Australia.

Asian Scientist Magazine Interviews MIT Picower Director, Dr. Li-Huei Tsai

Prof. Li-Huei Tsai, Director of the Picower Institute of Memory and Learning, shares with us her journey as a scientist.

The Asian Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Leopold Ilag Of Stockholm University

Dr. Leopold Ilag, Director of the Stockholm University Proteomics Facility, discusses his research and his views on R&D in the Philippines.

AIDS Research Pioneer David Ho Talks To Asian Scientist Magazine

U.S. Presidential Citizens Medal recipient Dr. David Ho talks to Asian Scientist Magazine about his research on HIV vaccines, the China AIDS Initiative, and his thoughts on R&D in Asia.

Newly Appointed MIT Media Lab Director, Joichi Ito, Talks To Asian Scientist

In a wide-ranging interview, media savant Joichi Ito talks to Asian Scientist Magazine about his vision as Executive Director of the MIT Media Lab, his thoughts on education, and his lifelong bond with Japan and Asia.