Asia’s “Father of Aquaculture” Wins 24th Nikkei Asia Prize

Taiwanese shrimp farming pioneer Liao I-chiu won in the science and technology category for his contributions to the development of aquaculture in Asia.

Asia In The Throes Of Early Tobacco Epidemic, Researchers Find

Smoking is pervasive and on the rise in Asia, according to an investigation spanning 20 prospective cohort studies from mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and India.

2019 Edition Of Asian Scientist 100 Announced

Each year, Asian Scientist Magazine highlights 100 outstanding thinkers and innovators from Asia who are pushing the envelope with their research.

Honoring Research Talent: The Asian Scientist 100

Asia has no shortage of research talent, and the Asian Scientist 100 (2019 edition) aims to raise the profiles of outstanding scientists from the region.

Innovation In The Pink Of Health: Trends & Tech In Healthcare

Burdened by chronic disease and aging populations, the healthcare sector is looking to technology to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses more efficiently.

Metalenses Made Thinner Than Ever

Using 2D materials, researchers have overcome the theoretical limit imposed by the wavelength of light to develop metalenses as thin as 190 nanometers.

Stroke Cases In Taiwan Rising, Research Shows

The incidence of ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhages have been increasing among the Taiwanese population, researchers say.

Tsinghua Team Wins Inaugural Asia-Pacific HPC-AI Competition

The team from China demonstrated a strong grasp of high performance computing for weather forecasting and was able to optimize neural networks for image recognition.

Ten East Asian Scientists Recognized By Nature

Nature has identified ten outstanding scientists working in East Asia for a special feature on science in the region.