Personalisation For Your Palate

If online retailers can tailor their offerings to the individual, so can the F&B industry, say the co-founders of TabSquare.

When Deep Tech Helps Doctors See Clearer

With AI and cloud computing making medical imaging more accurate and intuitive, we are closer to Star Trek's tricorder than you might expect.

Open Innovation In All Shapes And Sizes

By working closely with start-ups, bigger and more established companies can reap the benefits of open innovation, says a panel of experts at the innovfest unbound conference.

The Rise Of The Robot Startups

Starting a robotics company may seem like the coolest job in the world, but in reality requires a lot of grit and hard work, said a panel of experts.

Tracking Down A Better Vision Test

Singapore-based startup BetaSight wants to turn eye-tracking VR headsets—originally designed for gaming—into medtech devices that can monitor eye and neurological health.

When Small Startups Take On Big Data

Big data analytics startups combine deep domain knowledge with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help companies as diverse as banks and shipping firms solve complex problems.

Closing The Gender Gap

With its forward-thinking work culture and supportive business community, Singapore is now a place where women entrepreneurs can thrive, said three founders.

NUS Jointly Establishes AI Center In Suzhou

The NUS Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Commercialization Center in China will be operational by January 2018.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2017

Outstanding scientists, ambitious biotech startups, modernized acupuncture and a video of CRISPR in action were the hottest topics of November 2017.