Powering Up The Energy Sector Through Corporate Innovation

Harnessing their extensive resources, MNCs in the energy sector can play a crucial role in nurturing local innovation, supporting nascent start-ups and contributing to the community at large.

Building A Brighter Tomorrow For Healthcare

NSG BioLabs is launching a new program to accelerate innovation in healthcare, empowering startups through grants, mentorship, and networking.

Unlocking Huge Growth For Small Enterprises

From industry expertise to open innovation challenges that drive ideas and solutions, IPI is well-positioned to help fledgling businesses take off.

Moving MedTech To Market

With a keen understanding of the medtech ecosystem, IPI Innovation Advisor Professor Ignatius Rasiah helps companies take their technology from research to market-ready products.

Turning Emerging Companies Into Big Successes

IPI Innovation Advisor Chok Yean Hung offers sound advice and an understanding of market trends to help semiconductor startups on journeys of growth and innovation.
honmun yip, asia's changemakers, turtletree

Meet The Man With A Mission: Accessible Nutrition (VIDEO)

By harnessing nutritious ingredients from cell-based milk, TurtleTree Executive Vice President Yip HonMun is on a mission to make protein production affordable and sustainable.

The Path To Digital Mental Healthcare

From flagging symptoms to monitoring recovery, digital innovation can make the mental healthcare journey more accessible, effective and responsive every step of the way.

Mental Health Support Goes Digital

Using technology to analyze behavioral data can help capture often overlooked aspects and offer greater support amid the patient journey.

Shaping Growth In Life Science Start-ups

For start-up founders in the life sciences, a venture capital partner can provide the capital and coaching needed to transform medical breakthroughs into commercially viable products.
lisa enckell, antler

Lifting The Curtain On Startup Success (VIDEO)

Angel investor and partner at Antler, Lisa Enckell uses her theatrical background to fuel collaboration among startups in the deep tech community.