Disease-causing Parasites Hitch Ride On Trumpet Snails

In order to survive and breed, parasitic flatworms in Southeast Asia use several species of trumpet snail as hosts—posing a threat to public health.

World Record For Tiniest Snail Broken, Again

The newly discovered snail, Acmella nana, has edged out Angustopila dominikae as the world's tiniest snail.

“Microsnails” Found In South China

The smallest known land snail has been discovered in China, laying the groundwork for the study of dwarfism in invertebrates.

Tiny Snail Sheds Light On Subterranean Diversity In Eurasia

A snail discovered in the Nodong cave in South Korea provides a glimpse into the ancient subterranean biodiversity in the region.

Snails Use Insulin In Chemical Warfare Against Fish

Slow moving marine snails use insulin as a fast acting drug against the nervous system of their fish prey, scientists say.

Snail Venom: A Sting In The Tail Of Cancer & Addiction

Cone snail toxins which selectively activate a specific nicotinic acetylcholine receptor could potentially treat lung cancer and nicotine addiction.

Snails, Mussels And Squids Guide Production of Novel Biomaterials

A wide range of biologically inspired materials may now be possible by combining protein studies, materials science and RNA sequencing.