China Releases First Official Report On Smoking

China's Ministry of Health has released the country’s first report on the harms of smoking, detailing the current situation in China as well as future measures to control it.

Want To Quit Smoking? Try Exercising Daily For 30 Minutes.

New data suggests that exercise may help smokers quit and remain smoke-free. Moreover, exercise helps both smokers and non-smokers live longer.

World Heart Federation Elects First Ever Indian President

Prof. K. Srinath Reddy, a global leader in preventive cardiology and public health, has been appointed President Elect of the World Heart Federation.

Study: More Than Half Of Hookah Websites Don’t Include The Word “Tobacco”

Of the growing number of hookah smoking websites on the Internet, fewer than one percent included a tobacco-related warning on their homepage, says a new study.

Study: Smoking Fathers Linked To Childhood Leukemia Risk

New research by Australian scientists suggests that children whose fathers smoked around the time of conception may have a 35 percent higher risk of developing childhood leukemia.

“Tobacco Control Is Tuberculosis Control,” Study Says

Tobacco smoking could substantially increase tuberculosis cases and deaths worldwide in coming years, says a new study published in the British Medical Journal.

Taiwanese Scientists Develop A Saliva Test For DNA Damage & Cancer Risk

Scientists in Taiwan have developed a new test to measure the amount of carcinogens attached to our DNA just by testing our spit.

Study: Chinese Immigrants To Canada Have Poorest Cardiovascular Health

Long-term Chinese immigrants in Ontario have poorer cardiovascular health than white, black, and South Asian immigrants, says a new study.

Study: Smokers Who Take Multivitamins End Up Smoking More Cigarettes

A new study in Taiwan reveals that smokers who take multivitamins offset their healthy behavior by smoking more cigarettes.