WHO: Global Life Expectancy Increases By Six Years

Lowered child mortality, success in addressing noncommunicable disease and declining tobacco use have contributed to the global increase in life expectancy, says WHO.

13 Million Smoking Deaths In China Could Be Prevented By 2050, Study

Almost 13 million smoking deaths could be prevented in China by 2050 if WHO guidelines were implemented, according to projections from the China SimSmoke simulation model.

Study: Tripling Tobacco Taxes Could Prevent 200m Premature Deaths

Tripling tobacco tax globally would prevent 200 million premature deaths this century from lung cancer and other diseases, researchers say.

Ear Acupuncture Could Help People Lose Weight, Study

Acupuncture of five points on the outer ear - shen-men (divine gate), spleen, stomach, hunger and endocrine - can help shed the pounds, says a South Korean study.

Smoking Increases Risk Of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Relapse

Survivors of nasopharyngeal carcinoma who are former or current smokers are more likely to have their disease progress, relapse, or spread, according to a study.

Your Five-Year-Old Knows More About Cigarettes Than You Think

A new study from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control shows the wide reach of global tobacco marketing among children aged five and six.

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2013

Here are seven must-read articles from the September 2013 issue of Asian Scientist Magazine.

World Heart Federation Urges Global Tobacco Reduction

At the Tobacco End Game conference in New Delhi, The World Heart Federation called on countries worldwide to set a target year to end tobacco use in their populations.

17 Chinese Cities Join Smoke-Free Program

17 Chinese cities have benefited from a program launched by the Emory Global Health Institute – China Tobacco Control Partnership to curb tobacco use.