smart nation

Tech Helping Transport Go The Distance

Technological advances ranging from improved energy storage to artificial intelligence will be key to enabling future mobility solutions.

Universities And Governments: Partnering For Possibilities

There is no place for silos in the smart cities of the future, said experts at the QS in Conversation seminar on university-public sector partnerships held at SMU.

Australia’s Engineer In Office

Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Honorable Karen Andrews MP, plans to fight climate change and support women in STEM.

Scientist To Develop Sustainable Man-Machine Interaction Intelligence

The NRF Investigatorship grant will support SMU Professor Archan Misra’s vision of a smart city where humans and devices work collaboratively on projects.

Embracing AI In Singapore

Efficient, accessible and flexible supercomputing resources will play a key role in helping Singapore harness AI technology, says AI Singapore’s Professor Leong Tze Yun.

Singapore’s Smart City Secret Sauce

Nimble authorities, a commitment to transformation and a focus on partnerships are some of the reasons why Singapore is one of the smartest cities around.

Securing A Digital Future

Not even the tech giants are immune to being hacked, said industry experts at a SGInnovate panel that discussed how security can be beefed up in cyberspace.

An Energy-Efficient Chip For Tiny Vision Systems

This novel video feature extractor uses 20 times less power than existing chips and could reduce the size of untethered vision systems down to the millimeter range.

Protecting The Mobile Ecosystem

As technology evolves, so too do the threats against it; mobile devices and the Internet of Things are now prime targets for cyber-attacks. How are security solutions keeping pace?

Building Smart Cities, Brick By Digital Brick

Alongside concrete, granite and steel, digital technologies have now become an integral part of a city’s foundations, said keynote speakers at the 2017 International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.