The Age Of The Astropreneur Is Here

As space becomes increasingly democratised, even small companies in small countries can get in on the game, says Dr Bidushi Bhattacharya, CEO and co-founder of Singapore-based space tech incubator Astropreneurs HUB.

Singaporean Students Reach For The STARs

The joint Satellite Technology and Research Center will promote space technology education, research and commercialization.

China Conducts World’s First Quantum Video Conference

With the help of the Micius satellite, Chinese researchers have completed the world’s first video conference secured by quantum cryptography.

India Joins The Sat Nav Club

The Indian satellite navigation system will serve aviation, positioning, navigation and timing needs in South Asia.

KARI To Launch Two Satellites With Arianespace

The two space and Earth environmental monitoring satellites will be launched in 2018 and 2019.

NTU Scores Big Partner For Microsatellites

The Thales-NTU joint lab will focus on developing technologies for nano and microsatellites.

Microsatellites Send Pictures From Space

Designed to be quickly developed and cost less than conventional satellites, microsatellites such as Hodoyoshi-3 & 4 could be the future of Earth observation.

NTU Launches Nano & Pico Satellites

Designed and built by students and researchers at NTU, the satellites VELOX-I and VELOX-PIII are now orbiting 650 km above the Earth.

Vietnam’s First Optical Satellite Reports Success

One year after its launch, the data from Vietnam’s VNREDSat-1 has contributed to the country’s safety and economy.

Singapore’s Second Satellite Blasts Off Into Space

Singapore's second satellite, built by Nanyang Technological University students, blasted off to space on board Russia’s RS-20B rocket.