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AI-based technologies are increasingly being used to address mental health problems. But what are the risks involved?

‘Find Your Passion’ May Be Terrible Career Advice

Thinking of passion as a fixed thing to be found can limit your growth and make you more likely to give up in the face of difficulties, researchers say.

Relational Mobility Depends On Where You Live

Through a poll of individuals recruited via Facebook, an international research group has demonstrated that individuals in Asia and the Middle East have low relational mobility.

Oxytocin Can Warp Our Sense Of Time

The hormone oxytocin is responsible for the temporal compression effect, where the duration of social interaction feels shorter than it actually is.

7 Must-Read Stories In March 2018

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Scanning Social Media For Signs Of Domestic Violence

Researchers in China have developed predictive models using data from social media posts to assess the impact of domestic violence on the mental health of victims.

Gender Labels Affect Color Preference In Children

A study by Hong Kong scientists has demonstrated that children's perception of gender-appropriate colors can be easily manipulated.

The Science Of Festivity

There’s a scientific basis to the magic of the holiday season.

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