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Gamers, Rejoice: Online Gaming Can Boost School Scores

Video games sharpen maths, science and reading skills among 15-year-olds, but too much social media use reduces test results, a study in Australia has found.

India’s Obsession With University Rankings

With only 20 percent enrollment in higher education, India remains near the bottom of global standards, writes Professor Ranjit Goswami.

Asian Countries Top Latest PISA Survey

Asian countries outperform the rest of the world in the latest PISA survey which evaluates the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds.

16-Year-Old English Kids Two Years Behind Asian Peers In Math, Study

16-year-old English students are nearly two years behind their East Asian counterparts in math, says a new study by University of London.

The Mystery Of The Missing Women Scientists

There are simply not enough women taking up careers in science, writes Zaria Gorvett, and inequalities in the hiring process, career progression, and salary may be to blame.

Australia Needs To Out-‘Smart’ Competition, Says CSIRO Chief

According to CSIRO chief executive Dr. Megan Clark, Australia's scientists need to work smarter to stay competitive in the Asian century.