The Best Of Both Worlds For New Glow-In-The-Dark Compounds

By combining the conventional metal-ligand system and aggregation-based system, scientists have designed glow-in-the-dark compounds that can be both tuned and controlled.

Paving The Way For Light-Based Circuits

We are one step closer to computers that process information through light now that researchers have built optical transistors, multiplexers and signal detectors.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Dawn Tan

Academia and industry are not necessarily at odds, as demonstrated in the career of Dawn Tan, an assistant professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

In Nanolasers, A Little Impurity Goes A Long Way

By adding impurities in the form of zinc atoms, researchers have improved nanolaser light emission by a hundredfold.

3D-Printed Structures As Dazzling As A Butterfly’s Wing

3D-printing gyroid structures, inspired by the wing structure of a green hairstreak butterfly, could help make more compact light-based electronics.

Lasers + Silicon Wafers = Boost To Big Data

By fabricating tiny lasers directly on silicon wafers, researchers can integrate photonics with electronics, and with greater efficiency too.

Weyl Points: A New Dimension Over Graphene

Using specially constructed photonic crystals, researchers have demonstrated Weyl points, thereby opening a new field in basic physics.

Atom-Thin Light Bulb Made With Graphene

Scientists have succeeded in using a single layer of graphene to make the world's thinnest light bulb.

Wave-Bending Cloaks Conquer Corners & Bumps

Optical cloaks that can bend electromagnetic waves could pave the way for the development of next generation photonic and plasmonic devices.