#Goals: 8 Women Scientists From Asia You Should Know

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, Asian Scientist Magazine highlights eight women blazing the trail in science across the region.

IPI’s Top 10 Tech Offers Of 2020

In crisis there is opportunity, particularly for innovators. Check out 10 interesting Tech Offers found on IPI’s Innovation Marketplace in 2020.

Shedding A Light Into China’s Quantum Supremacy

Scientists from China have created a light-based quantum computer that can solve in minutes what will take a supercomputer billions of years.

Atsushi Miyawaki Awarded 2020 Keio Medical Science Prize

Atsushi Miyawaki was co-awarded the 25th Keio Medical Science Prize for developing bioimaging technology that allows researchers to observe the cell’s most intricate details.

Charging Medical Implants With Light

In the future, implanted medical devices like pacemakers could be wirelessly charged through LED patches on the skin.

Transmitting Data At The Speed Of Light (VIDEO)

Associate Professor Dawn Tan is harnessing light’s unique properties to bring data transmission up to ultra-fast speeds.

An Optical Ruler For Nanoscale Measurements

A research group in Singapore has developed an optical ruler that can be used to make ultra-high resolution measurements.

Metamaterials Designed By Deep Learning

Designing metamaterials just got easier and more systematic with this deep learning program developed by researchers in South Korea.

Mapping The Terrain Of Optical Sensor Development

An international team of researchers has developed a 3D technology map which systematically compares optical sensor technologies.

Pushing The Limit Of Quantum Memory

By cooling rubidium atoms to nearly absolute zero temperatures and increasing the signal-to-noise ratio of single photons, scientists in Hong Kong have found a way to improve the efficiency of quantum memory.