Involved Fathers Help Children Have Better Social And Motor Skills

The study from Japan also showed that when fathers were more involved, mothers experienced less parental stress.

Pregnant Mums Unlikely To Transmit COVID-19 To Newborns

Four babies born to SARS-CoV-2-infected mothers did not show signs of infection and remain healthy, according to case reports.

Keeping Allergies Under Control (VIDEO)

Allergic reactions to peanuts can be dangerous, but Dr. Soh Jian Yi has devised an oral immunotherapy that can raise the tolerance level to peanuts in children.

Paul Tam To Receive 2020 Rehbein Medal

HKU Professor Paul Tam is the first Asian to receive the Rehbein Medal from the European Paediatric Surgeons’ Association.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Nguyen Thanh Liem

Nguyen Thanh Liem leads the Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology in pioneering stem cell-based therapy for cerebral palsy and autism.

Mum’s Antibodies Interfere With Baby’s Dengue Response

Antibodies from mice vaccinated with one strain of dengue virus while pregnant have been found to worsen symptoms in their pups infected with other strains.

An Artificial Womb Offers Hope For Preemies

Scientists have developed an artificial womb that could someday save the lives of extremely premature babies.

Paul Tam Receives The Denis Browne Gold Medal

Professor Paul Tam is the first surgeon in Hong Kong, and the fourth surgeon in Asia, to be presented with the Denis Browne Gold Medal since its inception in 1968.

Nepal’s Slum Children At High Risk Of Diarrhea

Children living in Nepal's slums face a high risk of diarrhea, but exclusive breastfeeding infants under six months could help alleviate the situation.

Mum’s Gaze Triggers Brain Waves In Autistic Kids

A pilot study has linked the degree of autism to a specific pattern of brain activity observed when autistic children look at their mothers.