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Pulitzer-Winning Author Jared Diamond Writes Book On New Guinea Adventures

Celebrated author and anthropologist Jared Diamond has written a new book on his decades of field work in the Pacific Islands of New Guinea.

Snakes & Folk Tales Meet Science In Disaster Warning

Indigenous knowledge and science often seem poles apart, but meshing them can curb disaster risk, reports Smriti Mallapaty.

WHO Warns Of Rising Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance In Asia

Growing resistance to artemisinin is threatening to roll back gains made in combating the disease, said malaria experts at a health conference in Sydney, Australia last week.

Australia To Spend AU$100m On Malaria Research

Foreign Minister Bob Carr today announced that Australia will spend more than AU$100 million over the next four years to fund malaria programs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Malaria Parasite Is Driving Human Evolution In Asia-Pacific

A new study shows that the malaria species widespread in the Asia-Pacific region has been a key driver of human genome evolution.

Combination Drug Treatment May Reduce Malaria Infection By 30 Percent, Study

A three-year clinical trial that used a combination of antimalarial drugs reduced malaria infections in infants by up to 30 percent without suppressing natural immunity.

National Geographic Saves Endangered Languages With Talking Dictionaries

Linguists from National Geographic's Enduring Voices project who are racing to document endangered languages have unveiled an effective new tool: talking dictionaries.

World’s Tiniest Frog, Paedophryne Amauensis, Found In Papua New Guinea

Researchers have found two new frog species in New Guinea, one of which is the new smallest known vertebrate on Earth.

UNICEF Launches Schools For Asia To Improve Education For Millions

UNICEF reports on a new fundraising initiative called Schools for Asia, to transform children’s lives through education.