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Filling In The Gaps Of Asia’s Genetic Map

The early findings by the GenomeAsia 100K consortium shed light on the ancestral origins of Asia’s populations and provide insight into adverse drug responses among Asians.

Children To Get Their Own Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs

Several countries in Southeast Asia are now preparing for the rollout of the newly-formulated drugs, with the Philippines as one of the early adopters.

When The Boss Is In, Everyone Plays Nice: Study

Concern over a person's reputation in the eyes of an authority figure, like a village elder, may encourage cooperation with others, a study shows.

Two Ant Species Named After Game of Thrones Dragons (VIDEO)

Brace yourself, dragon ants are coming! Researchers have discovered ant species with dragon-like spines reminiscent of the mythical beasts in Game of Thrones.

Common Malaria Species Is Evolving: Study

Researchers have found that the Plasmodium vivax strain is genetically diverse across countries, making it difficult to eliminate.

“Extinct” Bat Rediscovered After 120 Years

A single specimen of the Big-eared Bat, last seen in 1890 and thought to be extinct, has been found in Papua New Guinea.

Genetic Signature To Test For Childhood TB

Scientists hope that with a better method for diagnosing TB in children, the disease will be caught at an earlier stage and damage will be reduced.

80 Percent Of Malaysian Borneo Degraded By Logging

A new satellite imaging system has determined that more than 80% of tropical forests in Malaysian Borneo have been impacted by logging.

Indonesia Opens First Shark And Manta Ray Sanctuary

The 46,000 square kilometer sanctuary is the first to be established in the Coral Triangle, and also provides protection to dugongs, whales, turtles, and dolphins.

Concern Over Unsafe Abortions In Papua New Guinea

Health experts are concerned about the number of unsafe abortions taking place in Papua New Guinea (PNG).