Scientists Uncover Mechanism Of Post-Menopausal Bone Loss

Scientists in Japan have found that a protein known as Sema3A interacts with estrogen signaling to maintain bone health.

Asia’s Calcium Intake “Alarmingly Low”

Scientists of the International Osteoporosis Foundation have discovered that Southern and Eastern Asians had the world's lowest average calcium intakes.

Breaking The Silence On Osteoporosis

Half of the people who suffered a fragility fracture were unaware that it is a symptom of osteoporosis, according to a survey conducted by the Fight the Fracture campaign.

Will You Break A Bone Due To Osteoporosis? It’s In Your Genes

Predicting an individual’s risk of osteoporosis-related fractures becomes much more accurate when taking genetic factors into account alongside clinical factors.

How A Molecular Switch For Bone Formation Works

The transcriptional regulator Sp7/osterix could be the key to unlock the blueprint of bone formation in vertebrates, according to a genome-wide study.

Gene Linked To Osteoporosis Found

Loss of the non-coding gene EN1 has been linked to reduced bone mineral density and increased risk of fractures, hallmarks of osteoporosis.

Increased Anxiety Associated With Sitting Down

A meta-analysis has revealed that sedentary activities are associated with mental health conditions such as anxiety.

Osteoporosis To Cost China US$25 Billion By 2035

With over 263 million people over 70 by 2050, China will face an increased burden of osteoporosis.

Insomnia Proteins Now Linked To Osteoporosis

Orexin proteins, being developed to treat patients with insomnia, could also be helpful in treating osteoporosis, scientists say.

Obesity Causes Bone And Muscle Loss In Men, Study

As men get fatter, their bones and muscles get weaker, an Australian study has found.