BacCam: Capturing Images In DNA

Bacterial Camera is able to store images directly in living bacteria using optogenetics and DNA barcodes.

Adult-Born Neurons Key To Memory Consolidation In Mice

Adult neurogenesis is essential for sleep-induced memory consolidation in mice, a new study shows.

Flexible Blue Micro-LEDs That Work In The Brain

Scientists in South Korea have devised a technique to manufacture sheets of blue flexible vertical micro-LEDs cheaply and efficiently.

The Pause Button Inside The Brain

Using optogenetics, researchers in Japan have demonstrated how the activity of specific neurons in the brain allow mice to prioritize their responses to the environment.

Miniaturizing Optical Devices To Maximize Their Impact

A team of scientists in Japan has developed a tiny optical implantable biodevice that may be used in optogenetics studies.

Nanoparticles Deepen The Reach Of Optogenetics

Using nanoparticles that absorb infrared light and emit green or blue light, an international team of researchers can non-invasively stimulate or suppress brain activity in mice.

Lighting Up Brains And LED Displays

South Korean researchers have fabricated flexible vertical micro-LEDs and used it in optogenetics studies to control the behavior of mice.

Optogenetics Study Upends Decades Of Parkinson’s Research

Contrary to earlier assumptions, Parkinson’s disease symptoms are caused by hyperactivity rather than suppressed activation of a brain region known as the thalamus.

Memories Take A Detour In The Brain

Memories are formed in and retrieved from different parts of the brain, according to an optogenetic study by researchers in Japan.

The Neural Link Between Anxiety And Sleep

Activating neurons in a region of the brain linked to fear and anxiety can cause mice to wake up from non-rapid eye movement sleep.