What’s Different About Asia?

Upon learning firsthand that Asian and Caucasian patients responded differently to cancer drugs, John Wong founded the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group to study these differences.

OncomiRs, A Promising Target To Treat Lung Cancer

Researchers have discovered a class of small RNA molecules, known as oncomiRs, which is responsible for fueling lung cancer.

China’s CStone Pharma Receives US$150 Million In Series A Financing

CStone Pharmaceuticals has closed a Series A round of financing with investments from Oriza Seed Venture Capital, Boyu Capital and WuXi Healthcare Ventures.

Going To ‘Wars’ In Blood Vessels

The gene Wars2 plays a central role in the formation of blood vessels, and could be a possible new drug target for treating cancer and heart disease.

Microfluidic Device Tests Alternating Electric Field Therapy In 3D

The new device allows researchers to produce an alternating electric field in a 3D environment.

Circulating Cells In Cancer Patients’ Blood Not Always Cancerous

Contrary to the decades-long belief that these cells are always malignant, researchers have found that they may also come from the blood vessels that line the tumor, rather than from the tumor itself.

Vaccine Helps Immune System ‘Remember’ Cancer Threats

When activated, a special type of modified cell called aAVC promotes the maturation of dendritic cells, the gatekeepers of immune memory.

Natural Progesterone May Help Breast Cancer Treatment: Study

Adding natural or biologically identical forms of progesterone, instead of synthetic forms, to standard breast cancer treatments could prolong life for patients, researchers have found.

BGI, Clearbridge BioMedics To Collaborate On Liquid Biopsy Technology

The technology requires only a simple blood draw for 'omics analysis or genetic profiling at the single cell level.