Takeda Donates US$1 Million For Cancer Research

Japanese pharmaceutical Takeda has donated US$1 million to the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Achoo! Cold Medicine Could Help Slow Bladder Cancer In Mice

Flufenamic acid, currently used for treating colds, has been found to suppress the spread of bladder cancers and reduce chemoresistance in mice.

A Delicious Finding: Onion Compound Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Onionin A, a natural compound derived from onions, was found to exhibit several anti-ovarian cancer properties.

AbbVie Opens API Manufacturing Facility In Singapore

The new manufacturing site in Singapore, AbbVie's first in Asia, will expand the company’s global operations for small molecule and biologics manufacturing.

Medicinal Plant Compound Shrinks Prostate Tumors In Mice

A compound derived from the neem plant, which is typically used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, has been shown to reduce prostate cancer tumor size by 70 percent in mice.

Gatekeeper Gene Suppressed Breast Cancer Tumors In Mice

The study was prompted by the discovery that Nrk-mutant mice frequently exhibited breast tumors after repetitive pregnancies or births.

Thai Oncologist Wins ESMO Women For Oncology Award

Emeritus Professor Sumitra Thongprasert was recognized for being a role model to other women oncologists and for her distinguished career.

Fighting Leukemia Cells By Cutting Off Their Oxygen Source

Researchers have identified the signaling pathway that enables leukemia cells to maintain their oxygen-dependent energy metabolism and ability to divide.

Wnt Pathway Inhibitor Fights Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells

Researchers have developed a small molecule inhibitor that blocks a signaling pathway essential to cancer stem cell development.