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7 Must-Read Stories In October 2016

Sanofi Pasteur's dengue vaccine, low-protein diets and a ‘light-stopping’ experiment were popular in October.

2016 Nobel Prize In Medicine Awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi

Professor Ohsumi has been recognized for his role in the discovery of autophagy, a cellular self-renewal process.

Five APAC Scientists Predicted To Win 2016 Nobel Prize

Five scientists from Asia Pacific institutions or countries of origin have been chosen by Thomson Reuters as its 2016 Citation Laureates.

Inspiring Minds, Fueling Passion At The Global Young Scientists Summit 2016

Liu Yuchun, a participant of the five-day Global Young Scientists Summit 2016, shares her experiences from the conference.

Coverage Of The Global Young Scientists Summit 2016

Here are some of the top stories from the Global Young Scientists Summit 2016.

China Launches Its Own Million Dollar ‘Nobel’ Prize

From 2017, the privately funded Future Science Awards will recognize the achievements of Chinese scientists in the life sciences and materials science.

Stay Eternally Optimistic, Says Nobel Laureate Ei-ichi Negishi at GYSS@one-north 2016

Believe it or not, before Ei-ichi Negishi became a Nobel Prize-winning organic chemist, he was a farmer.

GYSS@one-north 2016: The Real World Value Of A PhD

The right training and attitude will serve PhD holders well as they venture out into the job market, say a panel of Nobel laureates at the Global Young Scientists Summit 2016.

Nobel Laureate’s Death Spotlights Quality-Of-Death Issues

The death of Nobel Laureate Richard Heck in the Philippines highlights the shortcomings of public healthcare in many Asian nations.