In Search Of A Good Dam On The Mekong

Plans to harness hydropower potential in the Lower Mekong Basin for the first time has led to a search for a good dam.

In The Mekong, Science – Not Guesswork – Must Prevail

With the livelihoods of 60 million people on the line, science - not guesswork - must prevail, writes WWF International Director General Jim Leape.

Science Alone Won’t Change Climate Opinions, But It Matters

Ben Newell of UNSW discusses the importance of scientific knowledge in the climate debate.

Mekong Dam May Cause Food Security Threat, Study

The planned hydropowered dams on the Mekong River could jeopardize food security for 60 million people, according to a study.

China Releases Climate Change Report

China on Wednesday published a report detailing the actions and policies it had taken on climate change in 2011.

Up To Two Thirds Of Marine Species Remain Unknown

Up to two thirds of all marine species living in our oceans are unknown to science, says an international consortium of scientists.

Giant Pandas May Run Out Of Bamboo Due To Climate Change

New models are predicting that climate change may kill off swaths of bamboo that pandas need to survive.

Over-Fertilization In China Linked To Climate Warming, Study

A new study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences recommends a 60 percent reduction in fertilizer use in areas that are already 'over-fertilized.'

Koshik The ‘Korean’ Elephant Can Say Annyong, Anja, Aniya, Nuo, And Choah

An Asian elephant named Koshik can imitate human speech, speaking a grand total of five words in Korean by vocalizing with his trunk in his mouth.