Belt And Road Initiative Could Threaten Native Biodiversity

China’s Belt and Road Initiative connecting 120 countries may put biodiversity at risk as it promotes invasion of native ecosystems by alien species, say researchers from China.

Urbanization Might Be Good For Tiger Population, Study Finds

Scientists at the Wildlife Conservation Society found that areas of high urbanization and education are linked to smaller overlaps between human and tiger territories.

Wasps, Roaches And Crickets Are Pollinators Too

Wasps, crickets and cockroaches play a vital role in the pollination of the non-photosynthetic plant, Mitrastemon yamamotoi.

Whale Sharks Eat Their Veggies Too

Blood tests reveal that whale sharks off the coast of Okinawa consume significant amounts of plants and algae.

Whale Shark Tourism Harms Coral Reefs

Whale shark tourism has lowered coral density and diversity off the coast of Tan-awan in the Philippines.

How Dams Damned Thailand’s Birds

The Chiew Larn Dam Reservoir, constructed three decades ago, has had a negative impact on bird diversity, according to researchers in Thailand.

Got Milk? These Spiders Do

Scientists have discovered a species of jumping spider that is capable of producing milk for its offspring, a trait previously thought to be unique to mammals.

Crab Spiders: A Pitcher Plant’s Friend Indeed

In times of scarcity, crab spiders are beneficial to the slender pitcher plants they inhabit.

Deforestation And Hunting Driving Bird Extinction

The combined threats of deforestation and wildlife trade are pushing Southeast Asia bird species to extinction, scientists say.