Manipulating Materials On The Quantum Scale

With the help of tiny scaffolds called dendrimers, researchers from Japan have developed a new way to precisely control the production of quantum-sized materials.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Yu Chengzhong

Despite their small size, novel nanomaterials can have a huge impact on everything from vaccines to batteries, according to Professor Yu Chengzhong.

A Silver (Nano)lining For Smart Fabrics

Fibers coated with silver nanowires could be the future of wearable electronics, researchers say.

Lighting The Way For Optical Nanomaterials

Researchers in Singapore have fabricated a nanomaterial that absorbs visible and infrared light, and can be easily deposited onto other materials.

Functional Carbon Materials Made Simple And Scalable

Chinese researchers have proposed a simple and inexpensive method to prepare carbon nanomaterials from small organic molecules.

Synthesizing Versatile Nanomaterials

Scientists in China have developed a method to develop nanomaterials whose shape and properties can be adjusted to mimic biological macromolecules.

Gold Nanodots Turn Up The Heat On Cancer Cells

By adding gold nanodots to bismuth sulfide nanorods, scientists in China have improved photothermal therapy of cancer.

Tiny Gold ‘Trenches’ Make Nanomaterial 20,000 Times Brighter

Researchers have greatly increased the ability of tungsten diselenide, a type of semiconductor, to convert light to electricity.

Recipe For Making Batteries: Add A Dash Of Salt

Researchers have found that using salt crystals as a template to grow thin sheets of conductive metal oxides make the materials turn out larger and more chemically pure.

Graphene Patch Monitors Sugar Levels In Sweat

This non-invasive device not only takes continuous glucose measurements but can also automatically deliver drugs if the glucose levels are too high.