multiple myeloma

CAR-T Therapy Shows Promising Results Against Myeloma

Innovent Biologics’ CT103A, a promising therapy for tough-to-treat blood cancer, has shown positive results in clinical trials.

Immunotherapy Homes In On Multiple Myeloma

Scientists in Japan have identified a monoclonal antibody that can be used in CAR-T therapy against multiple myeloma.

Oral Proteasome Inhibitor Could Improve Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Takeda has announced clinical study results combining oral investigational MLN9708 with lenalidomide and dexamethasone, in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma.

Takeda’s Oral Proteasome Inhibitor MLN9708 Enters Ph III Study In Japan

Takeda has initiated enrollment of patients in Japan in an ongoing global Phase III clinical study of its novel oral proteasome inhibitor MLN9708.

Potential Therapeutic Target For Multiple Myeloma Identified

Researchers have identified a molecule that may be a potential biomarker for multiple myeloma.

EntreMed Inc. Initiates Plans For China Office

EntreMed, Inc., has initiated plans to establish an office in China to facilitate the company’s drug development and clinical trials in that country.

Yakult Honsha Initiates Perifosine Phase I/II Trial For Colorectal Cancer in Japan

Aeterna Zentaris' partner, Yakult Honsha, has initiated a Phase I/II trial in Japan assessing the use of perifosine in combination with capecitabine for the treatment of colorectal cancer.

Australian Project To Highlight 15 Types Of “Forgotten Cancers”

The Forgotten Cancers Project launched yesterday by the Cancer Council Victoria hopes to understand the causes of less common and under-researched cancers.