monoclonal antibody

Chinese Consortium Acquires Ambrx For Undisclosed Sum

The acquisition of Ambrx adds bio-conjugation capabilities to the WuXi PharmaTech-led consortium.

Trying Not to Go Viral

Infectious diseases such as dengue and influenza continue to plague the world despite our best efforts to develop vaccines and drugs. Sim Shuzhen takes stock of how scientists are faring in the fight against seemingly indomitable foes.

World’s First Human Hendra Trials Begin

A monoclonal antibody has entered clinical trials as an experimental treatment for the deadly Hendra virus.

WuXi’s Anti-Arthritis Antibody Accepted For CFDA Review

WuXi MedImmune Biopharmaceutical Co. Limited's anti-IL-6 monoclonal antibody is indicated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Antibody Treats Solid Tumors By Targeting Micro-Environment

The unexpected finding that EphA3 is highly expressed in the tumor microenvironment could lead to a new treatment for blood malignancies.

A*STAR & Roche Develop Cancer Killing Antibodies

Scientists have developed a new approach to cancer treatment: using antibodies which can target and directly kill cancer cells.

Treatment For Deadly Nipah On The Horizon

The monoclonal antibody m102.4 prevents death in primates infected with Nipah virus even when administered 5 days after infection.

MacroGenics & Takeda Develop Bi-Specific Antibodies For Autoimmune Diseases

MGD010, which simultaneously targets the cell surface receptors CD32B and CD78B, could help modulate B cell function without causing depletion.

Adimab Partners Innovent On Monoclonal Antibody Drug Research

Adimab, LLC and Innovent have signed a partnership for the discovery, development and commercialization of an antibody-based therapeutic program.