monoclonal antibody

Singapore Patient Plasma Used To Create Trump’s COVID-19 Antibody Cocktail

The antibody cocktail used to treat US President Donald Trump was developed from patient samples from Singapore.

Neutralizing Antibody Shields Mice From Zika Virus

A single injection of a human neutralizing antibody is enough to protect developing mouse embryos against Zika virus infection and microcephaly, researchers say.

Cipla To Sell Two Roche Biologics In India

Cipla Ltd. and Roche Products (India) Private Limited have signed a distribution agreement for the promotion and sale of tocilizumab and bevacizumab.

Immunotherapy Homes In On Multiple Myeloma

Scientists in Japan have identified a monoclonal antibody that can be used in CAR-T therapy against multiple myeloma.

Cancer Immunotherapy For Man’s Best Friend

Scientists in Japan have developed a new therapeutic antibody to treat malignant cancers in dogs.

[INFOGRAPHIC] What You Need To Know About Immunotherapy

Our immune system protects us against a host of infections, but it can also be trained to seek out and destroy cancer.

Two Zika Neutralizing Antibodies Found

Researchers have found two potent Zika-neutralizing antibodies that could be used as part of a therapeutic cocktail to treat patients.

Antibody May Help Immune System Catch Evasive Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancers resistant to existing treatments could be tackled using the PD-1 inhibitory antibody nivolumab, study shows.

CBMG Acquires CD40LGVAX Technologies

Building on positive Phase I results, the CD40LGVAX vaccine will undergo further trials in the second half of 2015.

Visterra & A*STAR To Bring Dengue Antibody To Clinical Trials

A*STAR's D3 has joined Visterra to bring the dengue monoclonal antibody VIS513 to proof-of-concept clinical trials.