Preventing Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease From Reaching The Brain

A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore has identified a host protein involved in enterovirus 71 infection of the brain.

Skin Flakes Stink Up Air Conditioning

Scientists in Hong Kong have discovered that skin flakes are a nutrient source for bacteria hiding inside air-conditioning units and therefore a cause of foul odors.

High Temperatures Accelerate Dengue Virus Maturation

A team of researchers in China report that at periods of prolonged high temperatures favor the growth and spread of the dengue virus.

How Bacterial Motors Shift Into High Gear

Using high-speed atomic force microscopy, scientists in Japan have uncovered the mechanism by which bacterial motors are assembled and activated.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Michael Lai Ming-Chiao

A pioneer in coronavirus research, Michael Lai Ming-Chiao shares how a detour in his academic journey brought him to the battlefront of the SARS outbreak.

Beating Bad Bacteria In The Gut

Scientists in Japan have identified a molecule that stimulates the gut’s natural defences against harmful bacteria.

Turning Predatory Bacteria Into ‘Living Antibiotics’

By manipulating the behavior of bacteria that feed on other bacteria, scientists in Japan are one step closer to developing a ‘living antibiotic’ that could be used to treat infections.

A Non-Antibiotic Drug To Fight MRSA

By screening 50,000 compounds, scientists have discovered a non-antibiotic drug that makes multidrug-resistant bacteria more vulnerable to immune clearance.

How Viruses Hijack The Transport System In Neurons

Scientists in Japan have discovered how a tick-borne virus uses the host neuron’s transportation system to move viral RNA.