Customizing Vaccines For Fish Health (VIDEO)

A shot or two could help keep fish diseases at bay and open floodgates to a more sustainable aquaculture practices in Asia, highlighted Dr. Jeffrey Seng.

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Finding The Fountain Of Youth In The Gut

The Japanese secret to a long and healthy life isn't just ikigai. In centenarians, gut microbiomes may help block harmful bacteria and promote longevity.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s June 2021 Roundup

Across Asia, scientists are uncovering the paths walked by ancient animals and looking for new ways to tackle dengue and climate change.

How Wolbachia Stops Dengue In Its Tracks

Scientists have shown that infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria prevents them from carrying dengue and lowers disease incidence by 77 percent.

Removing Two Pollutants With One Bacteria

A new strain of bacteria that can remove both nitrogen and phosphorus from sewage could reduce the electricity consumption of treatment plants by over 60 percent.

Bacteria Clumps Could Survive 8 Years In Outer Space

The Tanpopo space mission has revealed that bacteria could survive travel between Earth and Mars in the form of aggregates.

‘Keystone’ Species Key To Rebuilding Gut Microbiota After Antibiotics

The discovery of gut bacteria critical to restoring gut health offers new insights into microbiome recovery after antibiotic treatment.

Bacterial Synergy Boosts Bio-Battery Performance

Using two bacteria species instead of one, a team of scientists in China have found a way to create a living energy production system that efficiently converts light to electrical energy

Why Viruses Strike Some People But Not Others

Metabolic stress could explain why some people get sick from flaviviral infections such as dengue fever while others don’t.

Deep Microbes Shed Light On Carbon Cycle

Scientists have discovered a way to track the activity of microbes that degrade hydrocarbons, which could lead to a better understanding of the Earth's carbon cycle.